How much to sleep with you?

Sorry, I'm not an escort, I am a cam model.

What's your bra size?

32K- I was a 32G before I started inducing lactation!

Where can I buy your content?

Why are you making milk?

I have a hucow fetish! I've been making milk since February 5th, 2018. You can read more here.

How are you making milk?

I take a medicine called domperidone. It's an anti-nausea medicine with a side effect of inducing lactation- I take it just for the side effect! 

Where can I buy your milk?

I'm currently not selling until I can find a cheaper shipping option- right now it's $150 just to get it to you, and that doesn't cover the cost of medicine, compensation for my time, or any kind of profit! If you want some milk regardless of the shipping cost feel free to email me or message me on Twitter but milk won't be available in my store until I can work out a better arrangement.